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  • Precision cast-iron chain machined from a solid bar
  • Sprocket squaring accuracy of 0.001’’ per inch of material width
  • Accurate chain lubrication system
  • Reversible and replaceable sprocket teeth
  • 4’’ diameter tempered steel drive shaft
  • Shaft mounted motor
  • Heavy-duty steel heads, stress-relief and machined, 1-1/4’’ thick wall
  • 5/8’’ thick machined spring steel bar
  • Each saw motor is modified by OSI to satisfy superior precision standards


Unmatched speed and precision

OSI Machinerie’s end matchers are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of premium quality wood flooring manufacturers—from both a production quality and productivity standpoint.

Our end matchers are some of the most accurate on the market, producing second-to-none quality boards from a wide variety of product species and sizes. Thanks to custom precision-cast iron chains as well as heavy duty steel machining heads, our equipment can end-match flooring strips according to your needs, with a squaring accuracy of at least 0.003”—or better!—on a 3 1/4”-wide board. Each end matcher is designed according to your specific plant layout parameters, including your production line speed, width and length of your product, and the quality of wood you use.

More features to ensure unparalleled product quality include: saw motors with adjustment increments and precision locks as accurate as 0.0001” and closed-circuit cooling systems that stabilize the temperature of fixed presser plates under intensive use.

OSI Machinerie’s end matchers are renowned for their sturdiness, squaring stability, and overall reliability, ensuring a long and hassle-free service life. Our equipment is easy and cost-effective to set up, adjust, and maintain so that your team spends more time producing quality product—and less time fumbling to get the machines working or performing maintenance. Linked electronically to other major components on the production line, our end matchers drive a steady flow of material and fully optimize your plant yield.

Watch the End-Matcher in action

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Looking for more information on why worldwide manufacturers turn to us for their end-matching needs? Call us today for a private demo!

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