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Furniture, doors and windows,
hardwood flooring, components, cabinets, hardwood lumber…

  • Batch feeding : each piece is centered and calibrated individually even if the board thickness is different
  • 18’’, 24’’, or 32’’ opening widths
  • Variable feed speeds
  • Board thickness: ½’’ to 6’’
  • Digital thickness readouts
  • Guaranteed calibration accuracy
    of +/- 0.002’’
  • Spiral cutter heads with replaceable cutting inserts. Helical knives with replaceable blades. The knives’ head is universal and can be installed on top or underneath the planer
  • Optional sound insulation
  • Optional dynamic brake to reduce head stopping time
  • Can be installed after rip saw
    and before kiln-dry
  • Eliminate burn marks and digging
  • Minimize hit and miss
  • Reach the largest surface area possible

Self-centering planer

Used before kilns and scanners even after a ripsaw, OSI Machinerie’s revolutionary self-centering planer is your key to maximizing raw material yield, decreasing costs, and increasing overall product quality.

Our self-centering planer (SCP) can be used for a variety of differing manufacturing applications, such as furniture, doors and windows, and hardwood floors.

Based on our patented, self-calibrating technology, our SCP ensures 100% thickness accuracy of all work pieces.

It follows the shape of each board to remove exactly the same thickness from both sides—even when the thickness varies by as much as 1/2”!  Our SCP can handle plank widths of 18, 24, and 32 inches. In addition, our self-centering planer minimizes degrade from burns, digging, splitting, and other common defects of standard planers.

OSI Machinerie’s SCP leaves nothing to waste. It makes use of every single board! It can use even the most twisted boards around. When work pieces are too thin—not a problem! It simply does not remove any material. Our planer produces usable wood shavings rather than useless dust!

In addition, our innovative SCP feed system ensures minimal friction, enabling better feeding of difficult work pieces. It also features a unique batch feeding function that increases output, reducing required feed speeds, improving surface quality, and preventing early planer knife wear.

Compared to centering planers that use abrasives, our SCP works up to 50% faster, requires 40% less power, and completely eliminates the need for sandpaper. Now that’s cost savings!

Even better: our SCP can be delivered without any customization to your plant’s layout and installed very quickly! Productivity and cost-savings begin immediately!


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