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  • Through feed system: work pieces as short as 9” out of the defecting station, can be processed directly into the OSI Side-Matcher
  • Directly opposed head: enhances width tolerance and eliminates pistol grip
  • Very low friction: eliminates the need of sophisticated and aggressive feeders
  • Very short setup time: no complicated adjustments
  • This machine literally pulls on the material instead of having to push it through


Our side-matcher will drastically improve the way you manufacture hardwood flooring. Whereas with other, more traditional means of molding hardwood floors with just one machine, OSI Machinerie breaks with tradition and separates the molding process into separate components.

First, the wood passes through our self-centering planer (SCP) to ensure that all planks have the most accurate thickness and smoothest surface quality possible. Next, the boards pass through your scanner to code which side boasts the best surface. Then, our side-matcher and end-matcher machines tool the ends and sides for a perfect fit—no retouching required.

The benefits? Remember the traditional way, in which molding was performed by one machine? The old way relied solely on the people on the production floor to making decisions and spotting quality issues. Human error, retouching, redoing, and reworking the wood was a costly endeavour. With OSI Machinerie’s intelligent machines, you maximize your resources, improve the output quality, reduce human intervention, and ultimately get your product out the door faster.


Would you like to learn more on how you can implement OSI Machinerie’s concept to your production floor? Contact us today for more information!

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